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Infant Care

Adorable Child IV

At Heavenly Infants Family Child Care Center, we make sure your child is on the right track! Our infant room is designed to make your child feel safe, secure, and happy. I recognize that each child is an individual and embrace their differences. I take an individualized approach and tailor a plan that will meet the needs of your child. I believe in supporting a child’s natural desire to become an active learner. Creating an active learning environment for infants means consciously considering all their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs. The children learn Sign Language to help them communicate with us.

In the first three years of your child’s life they will go through some incredible developmental stages. Observing an infant’s journey always amazes me and warms my heart. I look forward to joining you on your child’s amazing journey. We understand the importance of enhancing the mind and the body of your child.

Toddler Care

baby playing with her toys

This is a play based program. At this developmental stage, it is not ‘teachers’ that children need to help them learn, but loving, responsive relationships with caregivers, based on respect for the child and his family. At this age learning is seen as a developmental process that occurs naturally and progressively within a stimulating and nurturing environment. With me your child will have the opportunity to explore and grow, create and discover, build relationships with their peers, and become confident learners. I apply “learning through play in all the activities that are offered here. I believe that with hands-on learning children can grasp ideas better.

We make each day packed with activities that will make your toddler feel that he/she is in the right place.

Our toddler program is designed to furnish independent development for a child to make individual choices.