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16 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Jennifer C

    Sherry watched my little boy from young infancy until he was about 15 months. He truly flourished under her care and we are beyond lucky to have found her. I knew that while with Sherry, my little boy Jonathan was well taken care of. Thank you for being a quality childcare provider!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  2. Peggy C

    Sherry Harrigan is outstanding! Sherry is caring and loving towards the children in her care. Her commitment to providing a good educational foundation has been evident in the progress my daughter has made under her care. My daughter has learned several sign languages that have allowed me to effectively communicate with her. Sherry has provided a safe environment that screams children are welcomed. More importantly, Sherry has provided me with a piece of mind. She has proven to me that my daughter is always in good hands.

  3. Shona K

    My son has been going part-time to Ms. Sherry’s for over a year now and it tickles me every morning that he goes over how excited he is to see her and his friends. She truly has the gift of nurturing. As a 1st time mom I was very nervous about leaving my son with someone outside of the family but from the moment we met Ms. Sherry it felt like I had known her a life time and the worries went away in a matter of mins. I can say that I have nothing but praise for Ms. Sherry, I couldn’t ask for a more positive influence and roll model for my son. We love her to death, but more importantly my son absolutely adores her.

  4. Amanda W

    I just wanted to express just how I feel about my daycare provider. i have been with Sherry since my daughter was 4 months. I can not put into words just how much my daughter enjoys going to Ms. Sherry. As a mother we look for a certain connection with our children and the people that we let care for them. I have found that ceratin someone. Ms. Sherry has truly been a blessing to me and my daughter. She teaches her how to read and cares for her just as much as myself and my family. Simply put see is heavenly!!! Ms. Sherry you rock.

  5. Erin W

    My son was with Sherry for 2 years (unfortunately I have moved and had to find new arrangements for my son – which was a very sad day for me!). Like any parent when I first dropped my son off at 8 weeks old I was very nervous. Now I know I could not have asked for a better person to take care of my son 10 hours a day. I can see the love Sherry has shared with my son and the love she has for children. She has spent her days committed to teaching him, playing with him and caring for him. It was very heartwarming when I’d drop my son off in the morning and he would give Ms. Sherry a big hug. I know my son was happy there and he was in great hands! I can honestly say I do not have one negative comment about Heavenly Infants.

  6. Jobia K

    My daughter has been with Sherry since she was 6 months old, and has learned so much! Sherry has an excellent education curriculum that includes baby sign language, Spanish and “Your Baby Can Read.” Sherry is an amazing care giver and a great person. I would highly recommend her child care center for parents seeking individualized care for their child(ren). I knew that my daughter was in the right place when I came to pick her up, and she cried because she DIDN’T want to leave!

  7. Ebony T

    What can I say about Ms. Sherry H.??!! My daughter has been in Ms. Sherry’s care since she was 3 months old. Being a first time mother, new to alot of things, picking a child care provider to leave my baby girl with was very hard. I was so excited to be to have an in-home provider that would provide individualized care. My little one has learned SO MUCH since being with Sherry; sign language, numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and animals. Sherry is so awesome and once I got over the initia jitters, I felt at ease leaving my baby. She let me call/text as much as I needed and wanted and never seemed annoyed or frustrated. The children always seems so happy there. I am dreading the day we will have to leave and move on to a “big girl school.” I think back almost daily on how much Sherry has been an awesome part of our lives. She’s so hands on and loves the kids like they are her own. I could go on and on, but I’ll end this saying, if you are looking for specialized, individualized care for your baby, try Sherry. You will not regret it.

  8. T W

    Sherry at Heavenly Infants is a wonderful and warm caregiver. She cared for my daughter from the age of 9 months. Her facility is child-friendly and is always very clean, and her children are always very well-kept. Sherry is very patient with her children, and interracts with them for playtime, reading time, and educational time. There were days when my daughter did not want to leave! Sherry, thank you for taking such great care of my daughter. I was always comfortable when she was with you.

  9. Jamal L

    Sherry Harrigan, care giver at Heavenly Infants, has cared for our son from the age of 6 weeks to 21 months old. Under her care, he mastered sign language, his numbers up to 20, his alphabet, and recognition of words, shapes and more. Sherry doesn’t just care for your child, she teaches them. Sherry makes all of the children’s meals and provides very healthy options. She facilitated my son’s love of vegetables. Her home is a very clean environment and she only keeps about 4 children at a time, so every child gets the attention that they need. My son was hardly ever sick in almost two years! Sherry will love your child as if they are her own. We are so thankful for her and the care she provided for our son. Thank you for setting such a great foundation!
    -Renee & Jamal L.

  10. Kia B

    Ms. Harrigan has cared for my son since he 2 months old and he is now 1 1/2. I am a first-time parent was very skeptical to leave my son in the care of anyone. However, Ms. Harrigan has been a godsend. Her professional skill level and quality childcare services surpass anyone in the Gwinnett area. She truly takes the time to teach children the fundamentals, including sign language, which has helped my son learn to vocalize advanced vocabulary. My son has access to an eclectic palate of foods and made so many friends in his time there. He rarely ever got sick. Communication was great and she was always very understanding of impromptu issues and concerns. My son really adores this daycare and has learned proper manner, etiquette, and social/play skills. I love the low ratios at this daycare because it allows for better supervision and individualized supports, where you child learns something new everyday and can be a part of a positive environment. Hands down-this child care provider is the BEST! I really wish my son would never have to leave this place. Look no further…Grayson Heavenly Infants In-Home Child Care Center is the answer for your child care needs.

  11. Miyoshi E

    Its not possible to find a better caregiver than Sherry. She sets the bar so high! My daughter has thrived in this wonderful, caring, nurturing environment. If I had my way, I would be home with my precious baby and being an educator myself, I didn’t think I would find a place that could even come close to the care and educational experience she could get with me, but Sherry proved me wrong. She actually practices what she preaches unlike so many daycare centers. My daughter was signing within a few weeks of being with Sherry and was communicating with me with sign language when she was under a year old. Now she is 20 months and knows a full range of signs that allows her to communicate on such a higher level. Not only that my baby knows letters, numbers, all the animals, and so much more! This is definitely a home away from home and the best place I could imagine my daughter being.

  12. Heather D

    Sherry was a God send for our family. My daughter was not medically fragile but she did have some medical problems. Sherry had no issue whatsoever caring for her. As a working mom, and my husband being a working dad, we wanted someone that we could trust and we found that right away with Sherry. My daughter loved going there, she always got excited to see her every morning. She cooks such a great variety of food for the kids, it made the transition to solids so smooth. All of the kids there were in her same age range as well so it really worked for us.

  13. Natalie J

    Mr daughter started with Ms. Sherry when she was three months old. We are coming to the end of our journey and I must say it has been an INCREDIBLE experience! You will find Sherry is a very kind, caring and nurturing caregiver. She creates an organized, warm and welcoming environment and pays attention to all of the small, but important details. She’s prepares fresh nutritious snacks and meals, uses a variety of teaching methods (numbers, letters, colors, sign language, animals and the sounds they make) while allowing children to learn at their own pace and makes social skills, manners and respect for others a priority. I have seen my daughter thrive in many ways and grow to be so confident and independent. There aren’t enough stars to rate Ms. Sherry or enough words to describe how great she is with her children…every child AND family should have the opportunity to experience her care.

  14. Dorsey A

    Ms. Sherry has been caring for our granddaughter since November 20th 2016. She was a little over 6 months old at the time.
    She will be turning 2 years old in a few weeks and the time has come for her trek to come to an end.
    We are first time grandparents and we searched for three months to find the right fit for our granddaughter.
    We were looking for the following qualities:
    Safe and nurturing environment
    Skill level
    Professionalism and development
    Fundamentals in teaching
    Welcoming and clean environment with a variety of equipment and toys
    Quality Rated Child Care
    I will never forget the day my husband and I stopped by to visit and meet with Ms. Sherry for the first time. …when we left we knew that she was the right fit for our granddaughter.
    All of the qualities we had been looking for were right in front of us.
    Ms. Sherry has been absolutely wonderful.
    Our granddaughter has learned sign language, her vocabulary amazes us, she speaks in full sentences, she knows colors, numbers and the alphabet. She also can sing many songs.
    Nutritional meals and snacks are served. They children have access to outside play area with toys.
    We wish our time did not have to come to an end.
    We highly recommend Grayson Heavenly Infants In Home Child Care under the direction of Sherry Harrigan..

  15. Mandy

    Ms. Sherry is amazing! Just like any first time parents, the thought of leaving your baby with someone is kind of scary. From the first time we went to meet Sherry we never felt any hesitation about leaving our baby with her. The things that she learned while going there were AMAZING. Sign language, recognizing colors, shapes, animals and letters. And not to mention her vocabulary! If she could stay there until starting Preschool-she would! I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much for caring for our baby like she was your own!!! 🙂

  16. Rabia J

    It gives me great pleasure to share my experience with Sherry Harrigan and her role as the prominent care provider for our family.

    Our daughter, Bella, started there when she was 3 mos old. Fast forward until she aged out t (age 2 yrs old), she left knowing sign language for choice words, being able to identify individual letters of the ABC’s, colors and numbers and not to mention her vocabulary!
    The environment is perfect, she was kept clean, never had a single diaper rash, and the communication is great. Bella was always treated with compassion, kindness and by the last week, she was running to Sherry when I arrived — Lol (if you don’t want your baby to become attached, and decide that he/she would rather stay with Sherry, you need not apply 🙂

    13 months later, we had our son, Charlie, and he was there with Bella in Sherry’s care. She’s loving and in interested in the health of the children (physically, academically and emotionally)

    Throughout the two years, Sherry was not the only caregiver, but she was also a part of our family.
    Let me give you an example
    My Mother needed to assist us with the children’s care but was, unfortunately, recovering from breast cancer did not want to drive. Sherry dropped the babies off at our home when we were away for a couple of days at a funeral. She goes above and beyond and will literally do anything she can to help. She’s a part of the family.

    We would recommend her without failure! I left every day feeling like I was leaving my kids in great care with a provider who will treat your children like her own!
    Thank you, Sherry, for what you have done for our family!

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